YogaLife Institute of New Hampshire

"Transform Yourself -
Transform Your Life -

Transform The World."

Are you ready for a powerful experience of personal transformation? Join the YogaLife Institute of New Hampshire's 200 Hour Teacher Training Program and live your life with more freedom, peace and compassion. This incredible 10 month program deepens your understanding of Classical Yoga and empowers you to effectively teach yoga with confidence. As you transform on a personal level you find the strength and vitality to bring your yoga to all aspects of your life - ultimately transforming the world.

With a combined 40+ years of practice and 30+ years of teaching, our faculty use a supportive and holistic approach to teach all aspects of yoga practice, philosophy, and instruction. We emphasize the “living of yoga” and believe in bringing the powerful practice of yoga to life in ourselves and the community. As YogaLife graduates ourselves, we know firsthand the transformative power of this program - join us!

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