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We have launched our Yoga Philosophy program and will be using a new newsletter platform that allows me to continue to offer our Yoga Philosophy Program in an accessible and affordable format. In the words of one participant, the strength of this new format is the way in which it provides a continual reminder of “the yoga way of life”. This program supports personal growth as well as providing tools and practices that can be used by teachers, therapists and healers

For the price of a single yoga class, paid subscriptions will cost $15 per month and will have the benefit of a monthly Yoga Philosophy Class, a Yoga Therapy Class, a monthly Zoom community call, as well as the ability to participate in Discussion Threads. (There is a free subscription option. You will receive two newsletters per month, the Guiding Theme Newsletter and the Yoga Nature Newsletter, see descriptions below.)

I hope you will see this as a great way to continue learning within our yoga community. I seek to share not only yoga philosophy and practices, but how they can best help us do the inner work and nurturing necessary for healing.

Paid subscribers will receive the following 4 newsletters each month:

julie rost yoga philosophy pageWeek 1: Guiding Theme
The Guiding Theme newsletter introduces our topic of study for the month, merging Yoga philosophy, seasonal and symbolic observations in Nature, discussions with students and clients, and therapeutic applications to the practices of Yoga. We will continue to share the holistic approach of Yoga through the 5 Branches which include Tantra (body/energy), Bhakti (love/relationship), Karma (work, mindfulness), Raja (meditation, psychology) and Jnana (philosophy, wisdom).

Week 2: Yoga Philosophy
The Yoga Philosophy newsletter includes a video class on Yoga Philosophy taught by Julie that dives deeper into the theme of the month, as well as offers resources and questions for further study and conversation. This new content is similar to our Yoga Philosophy program last year, which utilized Yoga as the foundation, while bringing in modern and ancient thought from various spiritual traditions, science, esoterics, natural living and health.

Week 3: Yoga Nature
The Yoga Nature newsletter shares how the natural world affirms our learning of sacred Truths. My spiritual practice of walking in the woods reveals seasonal as well as universal messages from this beautiful earth and its various and diverse expressions of the Divine, in elements, insects, plants, birds, and mammals. Symbolism and myth from ancient cultures who were more closely connected to the natural world often come into play as well.

Week 4: Yoga Therapy
The Yoga Therapy newsletter includes a yoga class which is based on the Yoga Therapy clients I am working with who present similar themes of imbalance, stress, and struggle. In addition to being a well rounded yoga class, complete with its therapeutic benefits, my hope is that as you participate in these classes you feel supported and part of a greater healing community.

I am very excited about this new chapter in our yoga journey! 

The new platform can be found at:

Testimonials from our Yoga Philosophy participants: click here.

julie 2 smallJulie Rost, Founder, YogaLife Institute. Her undergraduate degree in Psychology included research based in the healing benefit of Yoga for Adolescents. Years of working in women’s reproductive health led to a three year service as Peace Corps Volunteer in Malawi, Africa, where her experience with village doctors of traditional medicine catapulted her interest in studying the holistic and natural approaches of the Yoga lifestyle. She received her Classical Yoga and Yoga Therapy training from the YogaLife Institute in PA. Julie is currently the Spiritual Director of the YogaLife Institute of NH, teaching Yoga Philosophy 101 and 201 and teaching in its 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. She teaches private yoga classes, workshops, and retreats, and offers private Yoga therapy sessions.

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