This program supports personal growth, as well as
providing tools and practices that can be used
by teachers, therapists and healers.

The new Yoga Philosophy Program has launched using a mixed media newsletter platform that allows me to continue this offering in an accessible and affordable format. In the words of one participant, the strength of this new format is the way in which it provides a continual reminder of “the yoga way of life”.

My newsletters provide insights, teachings and practices centered on yoga philosophy, yoga therapy and the natural world.

Paid subscriptions cost $15 per month, the price of a single yoga class, and will have the benefit of a monthly Yoga Philosophy Class, a Yoga Therapy Class, a monthly Zoom community call, as well as the ability to participate in Discussion Threads. All four newsletters provide a deeper dive into the living of yoga and supports personal growth as well as providing tools and practices that can be used by teachers, therapists and healers.

(There is a free subscription option. You will receive two newsletters per month, the Guiding Theme Newsletter and the Yoga Nature Newsletter.)

I hope you will see this as a great way to continue learning within our yoga community. I seek to share not only yoga philosophy and practices, but how they can best help us do the inner work and nurturing necessary for healing.

To view samples of my work visit my newsletter archives at

“Yoga, as well as many spiritual traditions, recognizes that the body can not be separated from our energy, emotions, mind and spirit. When there is an imbalance in any one part of our being, it creates a weaker link in our circuitry. Our spiritual energy is actually the most subtle of all of these energies--its unseen but powerful quality may be the greatest determiner of our health and well-being.” ~Julie Rost

Subscription choices:
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