My yoga journey began with an undergraduate degree in Psychology that included research based in the healing benefit of Yoga for Adolescents. Years of working in women’s reproductive health led to a three year service as Peace Corps Volunteer in Malawi, Africa, where my experience with village doctors of traditional medicine catapulted my interest in studying the holistic and natural approaches of the Yoga lifestyle.

I received my Classical Yoga and Yoga Therapy training from the YogaLife Institute in Devon, PA.In 2006, I founded the YogaLife Institute of NH, directing its 200, 300 hour, and Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Training. Since then hundreds of yoga teachers have been trained. In 2017 I partnered with Alice Bentley to bring YogaLife NH to the next level as an independent training center. I am so grateful to see the Teacher Training program continue under new leadership as of September 2020.

I am now focused on providing a program for a deeper dive into the living of yoga, through writing, video classes, insights in nature and yoga therapy. This program supports personal growth as well as providing tools and practices that can be used by teachers, therapists and healers.

I am so grateful to launch this new mixed media platform. In addition to strengthening our existing community, which has sprouted into thousands since the founding of YogaLife Institute of NH in 2006, we gratefully welcome new people into contemplation and conversation. One of the most consistent and heart-warming comments from members is that we have created a place in which we feel “at home”. What we share is a common interest in cultivating union or “yoga”, with our own Self, with Others, and with the Divine mystery.

I also provide private yoga therapy, spiritual mentorship, and business coaching for those who seek to manifest their dharma through their work.

Join me. With great love, Julie

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