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kristen hansaji bobKristen Butera, Smt. Hansaji Yogendra, and Dr. Bob Butera
In 1989, Dr. Bob Butera trained daily at The Yoga Institute of Mumbai with his guru Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra. He lived at the Institute for six months doing intensive personal applications of yoga philosophy along with classical yoga and yoga therapy teacher training. He began teaching other people yoga while he was at the Yoga Institute of Mumbai and upon returning home he began teaching Classical Yoga philosophy and practices to householders in the United States. During this time he also completed a Ph.D. dissertation, A Comprehensive Yoga Lifestyle Program for People Living with HIV/AIDS. The program was modeled after the holistic programs from The Yoga Institute.

The books below are written by Bob and provide the foundation for our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program.

The Classical Yoga Study Guide (2002) was an outgrowth of his PhD work and envisioned as another way of galvanizing the Yoga Institute's message of classical yoga made accessible for everyone. It is made up of daily lessons on Yoga philosophy, meant to inspire the home yoga practice or to be utilized by Yoga Teachers. Since 2006, our graduates and Instructors utilize this guide to teach the philosophy of yoga in their classes

The Pure Heart of Yoga (2009) was also inspired by a project that he first took on at the Yoga Institute, and is a product of over 20 years of continued research in the US after his time there. This is a wonderful introduction to the “whole of Yoga”.

Meditation for Your Life (2012) explains the six basic forms of meditation and helps you identify which ones suit you best, while providing guidance for establishing a meditation practice right for you.

Bob states "We find that through traditional education, simple language, experiential knowledge, and love, many of the people we meet and train are empowered to see life in a new light and live to their fullest capacity. It is our great joy and honor to offer the teachings of yoga to this community, and we invite you to join us and participate at the level that is comfortable for you."

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Insights, teachings and practices centered on yoga philosophy, yoga therapy and the natural world.