Kathy Jones

jones kathyKathy Jones is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute’s 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program. She started practicing yoga more than 20 years ago when she was looking
to incorporate a wellness plan into her life. She began with taking evening yoga classes at a local studio and noticed that the practice was not just about the physical body, but how balanced and calm she felt mentally and emotionally. She experienced the benefits of the practice and continued practicing and attending classes over the next 15 years.

In 2016 Kathy had knee replacement surgery and took a break from her physical yoga practice. It was extremely difficult and left a huge gap in her life. When she returned to her practice, almost a year and half later, she realized how much she missed the physical practice, the connection to her yoga community and her sense of peace and balance.

When she returned to her first class, she was extremely limited in her range of motion and ability to come into certain poses. Week after week she found the poses were getting easier and her leg muscles were getting stronger. When she went for her 2-year follow-up visit with her surgeon he was amazed at the strength she had gained back in her leg and the range of motion in her knee.

Kathy was so grateful for her yoga practice and how it had helped her regain her strength, that she decided to enroll in Yoga Life’s 200 hour Classic Yoga Teacher Training program to be able to give the gift of yoga to her students.

Kathy currently teaches All Levels and Gentle Yoga at The Yoga Room in Hampstead, NH.

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