We are presently exploring meditation in our yoga classes, and thought it would be fun to feature a few mudras to incorporate into your practice. Thank you to Dido Nydick for her beautiful illustrations.

Hasta Mudra translates as hand gestures in sanskrit. The ancient sages could intuit the presence of the five elements (space, air, fire, water, and earth) in the human body; and our hands are thought to hold energetic points for these elements: thumb (space); index finger (air); middle finger (fire); ring finger (water); pinky finger (earth). Through various combinations of finger positions, mudras facilitate the flow of energy within the subtle body.

Yoga Philosophy 101

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Bring Your Yoga to Life!

This program is for anyone interested in learning more about Yoga philosophy and how to incorporate it into their lives through Self awareness, positive thinking, healthy living, stress management, personal growth and empowerment.

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A treasure trove of yoga philosophy!

Our teachers, as well as our daily practice, serve to provide a "reminder" of what we already know in our hearts and souls to be true. The following writings reflect these reminders that we need practice and more practice, and a community that supports us in our path towards enlightenment.



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The training programs through the YogaLife Institute emphasize the "living of Yoga" and thereby bring personal transformation to those who are ready and willing. We believe that those individuals who live their Yoga make the best Yoga instructors.

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