What's Hindering Me?

Klesas - Hindrances of the Mind

Wow. It says in the Sutras that, "Ignorance consists of regarding a transient object as everlasting". That one got me. I sat back and looked at my neighbors recycle bin after I read those words (as it turns out, it's recycling day so even his bin resting at the end of his driveway is transient ...he'll move it to the back yard later today...talk about a live example). I don't often stare at his bin. It just happened to be in my sight when I sat back after reading those words. But I digress, hugely. So, to move on to a more adult-like, yoga-oriented discussion here, "but, but, but I WANT some things to be everlasting!"

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Is it Dharma? or Karma?

Karma Yoga

Just this morning I read an article Eknath Easwaran wrote, in which he summarized a passage from the Upanishads as follows: You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your deep, driving desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.

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Yogi Dog Abby

abby dogMy dog turns one year old in a couple of days so this is a nice time to reflect on her life. She of course lives in the moment. No reflection required. I’m the Evolved One so of course I drive myself, and sometimes those around me, nuts with reflection.

I was telling Abby, my dog, about yoga the other day while she was taking advantage of my petting hands. I told her I finished my 200 hour teacher training program. She stared at me. I told her that I’m looking for karma yoga opportunities. She stared at me. I told her I did a pretty cool full back bend the other day. She rolled over. I rubbed her belly. She didn’t look all that impressed.

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Still Water Runs Deep

By all outward appearances I think I seem like a typical middle aged guy. I have just over two years before I qualify for an AARP membership (50 years old, I believe). In my head though, I possess the vitality and looks of the 18 year old bag boy at the supermarket. It is amazing how old my high school friends have become while I remained an adventurous rock climber, triathlete, and distance runner with obvious rugged good looks and the vitality of my late teens.

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