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Jnana Yoga Retreat

Saturday, August 18, 2018, 09:00am - 05:00pm

with Julie Rost

vivekananda websiteYoga Philosophy presents five paths up the mountain toward enlightenment. In simple terms, they are through a healthy body (Tantra), mindful actions (Karma), stillness (Raja), love (Bhakti), and inner wisdom (Jnana).

This retreat will explore the Path of Inner Wisdom (Jnana), which utilizes knowledge, information, ideas, concepts, and beliefs inasmuch as they guide, inspire and move us forward on our path toward being our true Self in this world.

What is Wisdom? What is Truth?
What are some guiding principles that help us feel more whole, connected, energized and confident? What beliefs pull us down? Yoga has been studying these questions for thousands of years, and the knowledge we can glean from ancient texts such as the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and Yoga Sutras provides hope and a compass in the modern world.

But it is not enough to read and understand concepts. Yoga teaches the importance of “realized knowledge” which refers to understanding it within our Self. We need to integrate it into all parts of our being—body, energy, emotion, thought, spirit. When we bring this knowledge into our actions, we transform ourselves from old harmful patterns into new possibilities for peace and joy.

With a Jnana theme, our yoga pose practice will explore avenues for self-knowledge: concentration, co-ordination, training of the senses, breath awareness and control, and balance. We will nurture body consciousness, starting with awareness of the muscles, breath, and then internal organs. More advanced students may begin to feel shifting energy in their chakras (energy centers), or particular emotional and spiritual qualities of each pose.

Other Jnana practices include the reading and discussion of ancient scripture, journaling, and various modern paths toward Inner wisdom that help us manage, balance and uplift our thoughts.

This retreat will include: Personal study, group discussion, healthy lunch, silence, and two Yoga classes that incorporate gentle poses, relaxation and meditation. No experience with Yoga is needed. All levels of fitness and ability are welcome. We offer choices for all levels—from brand new beginner to the more experienced yoga student. *Yoga is non-sectarian and supports your own personal religious/spiritual beliefs, including atheist and agnostic (not knowing what you believe).

This retreat is for: This retreat is designed to assist all people in experiencing and sharing the benefits of Yoga--Healthcare professionals interested in learning more about the benefits and practices of Yoga and how it can assist clients in their healing journey; Yoga Teachers interested in CEUs related to Techniques, Training, Practice, Yoga Philosophy and Lifestyle, Qualities of a Teacher, Communication skills, Energy anatomy; Yoga practitioners interested in going deeper with their personal practice of Yoga. Anyone interested in improving their relationship to themselves and others may find this retreat very valuable.

This retreat provides 6 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or 6 YogaLife Teacher Training hours.
Retreat cost: $150

For more information and/or to register call 603-479-3865, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or register online using Paypal:

Include your phone number on the Paypal form so that we may contact you in the event of any last minute changes or cancellations (please be assured we will only use your phone for this purpose).

"We are the makers of our own fate…you must always remember that each word, thought, and deed lays up a store for you, and that as the bad thoughts and bad works are ready to spring upon you like tigers, so also there is the inspiring hope that the good thoughts and good deeds are ready with the power of a hundred thousand angels to defend you always and forever (Vivekananda, 1955, p. 151).

Julie Rost, Owner and Director

julie new 2Julie Rost, e-RYT 500, C-IAYT, founded the YogaLife Institute of NH in 2006. Her undergraduate degree in Psychology included research based in the healing benefit of Yoga for Adolescents. Years of working in women’s reproductive health led to a three year service as Peace Corps Volunteer in Malawi, Africa, where her experience with village doctors of traditional medicine catapulted her interest in studying the holistic and natural approaches of the Yoga lifestyle. She received her Classical Yoga and Yoga Therapy training from the YogaLife Institute in PA. Julie is currently the Spiritual Director of the YogaLife Institute of NH, teaching in its 200 and 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs, as well as its Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Program. She teaches weekly classes, workshops, and retreats, and offers private Yoga therapy sessions.

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The advanced training programs through the YogaLife Institute emphasizes the "living of Yoga" and thereby brings personal transformation to those who are ready and willing. We believe that those individuals who live their Yoga make the best Yoga instructors.

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