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Saturday, January 26, 2019 10:30am - 04:30pm
: Saturday, Jan 26, 2019

The Energy of the Eightfold Path

This is a two day event: Saturday, January 26 and Sunday, January 2710:30am-4:30pm A Yogic Journey through the Chakras The dedicated practice of yoga and the movement of chakra energy both unfold in non-linear ways. Join us if you are interested in exploring how these spiraling paths can be woven together for deeper insights and understanding. On the yogic path, we cultivate ...

With Lisa Rockenmacher

Sunday, February 10, 2019 05:30pm - 06:45pm
: Sunday, Feb 10, 2019

Yoga for Teen Girls: Tools for Managing Stress and Anxiety

4 week seriesSeries dates: February 10, 17, March 3 and 10, 5:30-6:45 Created specifically for adolescent girls, this series will focus on the therapeutic benefits of yoga for the reduction of stress and anxiety. Participants will learn about themselves, learn to befriend themselves, and learn to empower themselves with the tools of yoga. In a safe, supportive environment, students will develop ...

With Leigh Sloss

Friday, February 15, 2019 05:30pm - 08:30pm
: Friday, Feb 15, 2019

Yoga and the Brain

Would you like to develop an understanding of what changes are happening in our neurology and nervous systems when we practice yoga and meditation?Looking to apply some awareness of neuroscience to inform your practice and teaching of yoga?Do you feel that understanding more about how to cultivate happiness and well-being from an anatomical perspective would inspire you?If so, join us ...

With Sally Sugatt

Sunday, March 10, 2019 03:00pm - 05:00pm
: Sunday, Mar 10, 2019

Yoga for Managing Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety can feel painful and debilitating, causing feelings of isolation, fear, an inability to concentrate, and low self-esteem. Over 40 million adults are affected by anxiety in the U.S. making it the most common mental health condition, with 31.1% of adults experiencing an anxiety disorder at some time in their lives. When managed, stress can be a helpful motivator, however, ...

With Leigh Sloss

Friday, March 29, 2019 07:00pm - 08:30pm
: Friday, Mar 29, 2019

Didgeridoo Heart Chakra Meditation

The heart chakra is the bridge between your physical and spiritual being. It represents the opening of feelings, compassion, and the capacity to love. This workshop offers an introduction to the therapeutic principles of the didgeridoo, didgeridoo sound therapy and gives a basic overview of the heart chakra and its qualities and attributes.The didgeridoo keys selected for this meditation are chosen ...

With Joseph Carringer

Sunday, March 31, 2019 04:00pm - 05:15pm
: Sunday, Mar 31, 2019

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is often referred to as "yogic sleep," a paradoxical state of being between sleep and consciousness that's conducive to deep emotional and physical healing, rewiring your brain, and self-exploration. Yoga Nidra is gaining popularity because it's an antidote to our modern lifestyles. As a culture, we're always connected, often stressed, and our nervous systems are constantly in a ...

With Carter Siegel

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With our open drop-in policy, you have the opportunity to explore Yoga with the guidance of any of our instructors. Certified and registered through Yoga Alliance, all of our instructors are dedicated to living a Yoga lifestyle. Students of all ages and abilities are welcome.



The YogaLife Institute offers a wide variety of experiential and educational workshops and class series. All workshops and series are open to the public unless specifically stated in the description. Take your practice deeper and register today.



Our teachers serve to provide a "reminder" of what we already know in our hearts and souls to be true. The following writings reflect these reminders that we need practice and more practice, and a community that supports us in our path towards enlightenment.



The advanced training programs through the YogaLife Institute emphasizes the "living of Yoga" and thereby brings personal transformation to those who are ready and willing. We believe that those individuals who live their Yoga make the best Yoga instructors.

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