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Transform Work Stress with Karma Yoga PDF Print E-mail

with Libbie Bridge, RYT, CYT

flowers in statue hand - smSunday, December 7, 3:00-5:00pm
Blue Moon Studio, Exeter, NH

Whether we work outside of our homes or within, work causes stress. What if a shift in our perception could transform our work stress and move us from a place of struggle to a place of strength?

In this workshop, learn the principles of Karma Yoga- the Yoga of action and selfless service- to explore changing the way we approach our work. By doing this, we can transform our work stress and turn difficulties into opportunities.

We will engage in discussion, contemplation, gentle yoga poses, and relaxation. All of the practices will focus on an exploration of our current attitudes toward work and ways to transform work stress. This workshop is suitable for all levels of ability. No prior yoga experience necessary.

Deeper Understanding of Forward Bends PDF Print E-mail

julie wheelwith Sharon Fellows Lamb, RYT

Friday, December 12, 6:00-8:00pm
Blue Moon Studio, Exeter, NH

The study of yoga reaches deeply into every facet of our experience. Through these monthly workshops delve into the physical, mental, and energetic relationships of yoga postures.

With Forward Bends as our focus, explore:
• The benefits - Physically - Mentally (emotional / intellectual)
• How to safely move - Dynamic movement - Statically held positions
• Energetic relationships - Chakra associations - Breath and its influence
• Philosophical relationships to the poses
• Attitudes and Archetypes

Deepen your understanding in a safe and inclusive environment.

Nurturing the Self, One Day Retreat PDF Print E-mail

Saturday, February 14


Listen to your heart and nourish your connection to self, yoga, and community! Join us for a one day retreat at our new location at the Exeter Mills (move in date January 1st). Our team of teachers is offering a Valentine's Day program filled with opportunities to bring contentment to your heart and peace to your mind. Our day will include varied levels of yoga practice, philosophy, workshop options, a healthy lunch, relaxation, and kirtan.