Please freely enjoy these Yoga classes and practices. My intention will be to add new ones regularly. If you would like to support my work, please see below.

Harmony is the Way

One Track - 2:15 Minutes

Inspired Practice: Communing with a Higher Vibration

One Track - 28 Minute Practice

Five Pointed Star

One Track - 1:52 Minutes

Inspired Practice: Looking Up - Star Sequence

One Track - 40 Minute Practice

Salute to Friendship

1 Track - 2:30 minutes

Inspired Practice: Salute to Friendship

1 Track - 14 minutes

Daily Yoga Practice for Self Care

30 Minute Practice

Awareness = Personal Power

3 Tracks - 46 Minute Practice

Inner Strength & Grounding

6 Tracks - 60 Minute Practice

Breathing for Well-Being

3 Tracks - 74 Minute Practice

Gentle Practices, Powerful Benefits

6 Tracks - 64 Minute Practice

Supporting the Immune System

6 Minutes

Yoga Classes and Practices with Julie

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