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We find that through traditional education, simple language, experiential knowledge, and love, many of the people we meet and train are empowered to see life in a new light and live to their fullest capacity. It is our great joy and honor to offer the teachings of yoga to this community, and we invite you to join us and participate at the level that is comfortable for you.

I am more at peace with the questions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ruth Abelmann   

(Ruth Abelmann's graduation speech from the YogaLife Institute's 500 hour teacher training program. Congratulations Ruth and thank you for sharing this.)

ruth abelmannA little over 2 years ago I called Julie to inquire about the YogaLife Institute teacher training 2 program. She asked why I was interested in continuing my teacher training? I explained that there was so much I felt I did not know, yet I was teaching yoga as best I could. I mentioned that I felt I lacked knowledge about the anatomy and that I felt I needed more to be sure I was doing no harm in my classes, that I wanted to be the best I can be as a teacher.

Yoga and Meditation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lisa Rockenmacher, E-RYT500   

"On this path no effort is wasted, no gain is ever reversed; even a little of this practice will shelter you from great sorrow...However men try to reach me, I return their love with my love; whatever path they may travel, it leads to me in the end."

Bhagavad Gita: 2.40/4.11

It wasn’t long after I began a regular practice of yoga that I noticed very clearly how my own mind was causing me suffering. I was walking in the woods with my dog one morning- which could have offered me a perfect opportunity to release some of the tension that had been building up for me in the past week. I remember feeling as I walked that I just didn’t have enough time to myself, and the feeling was oppressive rather than appreciative for the walk I was taking right then- alone, but for the dog. This line of thinking soon settled into a state of perseverating over a planned get-together with a particular friend, who often expressed intense emotional neediness.

Meditation: Receive and Be PDF Print E-mail
Written by Hilary Crowley, RYT   

In high school I didn't thrive in math. My parents and teachers said I had great potential but I honestly had no clue what they were talking about. Maybe they were getting me mixed up with another kid? I sat in class and tried to understand - in fact I even tried to want to understand but my questions always came down to a single line. How does this math stuff apply to my life after I leave high school and get into "real life?"

Looking back, I'm sure this question was met with irritation from my teachers but I kept asking (more irritating, I'm sure) because I knew sincerely that if I could find out the real purpose of math, I'd be motivated to open my teenage mind to learn trigonometry and calculus. I actually never got a good answer and I'm still not very good at thinking mathematically. I wish I'd sought the answer more passionately - and asked the question in a setting where the teacher really had time to talk to me in depth.

Math has magic and a connection to all aspects of "real life." But I don't have that connection. Instead, I have a reoccurring dream - sort of a nightmare- that I'm going to be tested in math class but I'm not prepared, I don't even know where the classroom is, and never bought the text book. When I look back at my lessons in math, I really wish a teacher had heard my question and helped me find the answer.

Finding Freedom Through Non-Attachment PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Bob Butera   

“Attachment is that which follows remembrance of pleasure.”

- The Yoga Sutras II, 7

In yoga's monastic tradition, upon initiation the Monk is given a robe and an alms bowl. As in many of the world’s monastic traditions, the acceptance of these objects represents a commitment to a life of simplicity, virtue and piety. These basic virtues seem at odds with a world that is continually influenced by technology, mass media and the pursuit of material objects. Upon further reflection, one could come to the conclusion that it is impossible to find peace in the modern day world without retreating to a small corner of the world somewhere, to contemplate the meaning of life in total silence. This is not true!

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