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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts PDF Print E-mail
Written by Julie Rost   


tt_potluckAt a YogaLife Institute teacher potluck, many of us were moved by the depth and wisdom of heart-felt discussions. The philosophy of Yoga is guiding us in transformative ways that result in self-empowerment, a loving heart, greater connection to Self and others, and a flow and synchronicity with life.


Personally, I find it most rewarding to see how each participant utilizes Yoga in a unique way, adds their own interest and talents, and then gives that back to the community. It is a beautifully dynamic, diverse and life-giving process.


I wanted to share this joy with the greater Yoga community and take the opportunity to invite you to join us in some of our more in-depth training events. We get a lot of interest in our Yoga Teacher and Meditation Trainings, often from people who are not sure if they are "qualified"! There is no physical or intellectual requirement. Yoga begins where you are and takes you closer to your Self. Most of us are often returning to a "beginners mind" anyway!

Some take these trainings with the thought of teaching someday. Some take them as a way of deepening their Self understanding and spiritual growth. In the end, because of the transformative nature, most feel drawn to sharing what they have learned in some way.

It is the community that keeps us vibrant and connected. We look forward to seeing you!