June Yoga Philosophy Videos

Harmonizing the Divine Masculine

Course Cost: $45

Tantra Branch: how we manage and uplift our energy. Last month, with a Salute to Mother’s Day, we studied the Shakti Energy, or Divine Feminine, exploring ways to take care of our sacred vessel/body via daily practice, as well as the way in which rhythms and cycles of life can help us stay in harmony.  

 In June, I’m excited to dive into the ways in which we can harmonize the energies of the polarities: including darkness and light, masculine and feminine, good and evil. In the midst of Father’s Day, as well as the passage of Spring into Summer, we will explore the Divine Masculine energy and how to best harmonize that within us and in the world!  

Harmonizing devine masculineJune Yoga Philosophy Program has the current tracks: (approx 2 hours)

  • Yoga Philosophy: (85 min)
    - Harmonizing the Divine Masculine  (10 min)
    - Shiva-Shakti Divine Relationship (21 min)
    - The Song of the Spirit: Arjuna (27 min)
    - Archangel Michael's Compasstionate Commitment (10 min)
    - Harmonious Conversation (17 min)
  • Yoga Practices: (40 min)
    - Pranayama:: Kapalabhati (13 min)
    - Meditation for Universal Harmony (10 min)
    - Asana: Becoming Warriors of Spirit (18 min)
  • Nature Videos spread throughout (12 min)
Yoga teachers registered with the Yoga Alliance: This video set qualifies for 2 Yoga Alliance CEU’s, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive a certificate.


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