October Yoga Philosophy Videos

Karma Yoga: Making Sense of our Outer World by Cultivating our Inner World

Course cost: $45

In our October topic we will identify and seek to understand the current stressors and influences on our thinking so as to be more empowered consumers of information and technology. We will continue to actively identify and uplift our karma by exploring various “portals to the subconscious” including the energy of color, symbolism and archetypes, and meditation practices that continue to help us trust the unknown and be open to infinite possibilities in the present moment. We will ultimately seek to challenge and expand “how we see” in the world, from the inner experience of the “third eye”, intuition and insight, to the expansive understanding of how to “see” in a spiritual way. This kind of clear sight will help us navigate our world at this time, and best contribute to its enlightenment.

October Making sense of our inner worldThis month’s October Yoga Philosophy Program has the current tracks: (approx 3 hrs 20 min):
  • Yoga Philosophy:  (111 min)
    - Making Sense of our Outer world by Cultivating our Inner world (9 min)
    - War on Sensemaking (26 min)
    - Spiritual Emergency (21 min)
    - Yoga’s Comfort with the Unknown (28 min)
    - Spiritual Sight (27 min)
  • Yoga Practices: (84 min)
    - Meditation: Visioning and Co-Creation (17 min)
    - Yoga Class (67 min)
  • Nature Videos spread throughout (11 min)

Yoga teachers registered with the Yoga Alliance: This video set qualifies for 2 Yoga Alliance CEU’s, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive a certificate.


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