September Yoga Philosophy Videos

Karma Yoga: Mastering our Karma for Empowered Enlightenment

Course cost: $45.00

This month’s topic comes during an important time of transition, a time in which the cooler weather beckons us to come within. It is more important than ever that we spend more time in our inner world, and learn to trust it. It is in this inner world that we can live more intentionally into our future, rather than on auto-pilot playing the old tapes of our past. As you can imagine, this is important for our own Soul’s journey, as well as that of the Collective.  

Inspired relationshipSeptember Yoga Philosophy Program has the current tracks:

  • Yoga Philosophy: (1 hour 18 min)
    • Mastering our Karma for Empowered Enlightenment (11:21)
    • What is Karma (10:35)
    • The Path of Karma Yoga (15:41)
    • Karma Yoga as Selfless Service (20:56)
    • Trust and Unknowing (9:08)
    • Open Focus Meditation Theory (10:51)
  • Yoga Practices: (28 min)
    • Meditation Introduction (2:04)
    • Meditation Practice: Trusting the Unknown to Awaken You (25:52)
  • Nature Videos spread throughout (18 min)
  • Bonus Tracks: 
    • Asana Practice: Moon Salutation: Meditation in Motion (31:02)
    • Support Your Immune System this Fall (10:41)

Yoga teachers registered with the Yoga Alliance: Completion of thiss video set qualifies for 2 Yoga Alliance CEU’s, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive a certificate.


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