Words of Reflection from our 2016 Yoga Therapy Graduates

2016 groupFirst of all, I am in constant awe at the dedication and desire to learn as exhibited by the 2016 CYT Level 1 Graduates.

June marked the graduations of Ali Ricciardone, Cheri Butler, Karly Nihal, Leigh Sloss, Sarah Field, Sophia Maamouri and Tracy Blake Bell. It was an honor to share space and yoga for 10 months that left each feeling challenged, inspired and more integrated. The beauty of the Comprehensive Yoga Therapy program is that it directs attention away from the teacher, the yoga therapist and toward the client, the student, the aspiring lifestyle oriented yogi. All we learn about, all we read about, all we take in and try to realize becomes more and more accessible to our students through this truly enlightening course.

Each Graduate demonstrated such depth of knowledge, creativity of sharing and strong connection to the principles of yoga during their final exams which was such a gift to me. It's with full confidence that I recognize the impact each Graduate will have on the greater Yoga community. Each has her own skills, views and unique connection to the knowledge and each has developed stronger connections and skill sets to share yoga.

The last question on the Exam inquires about what the CYT trainee learned from their experience of the training, followed by inquiry into the in-depth relationship of yoga as examined in the CYT program. Here are what our Graduates shared...

 Yours in Yoga,
Brian Serven (and all the CYT teaching staff)

What did you learn most about yourself from this 10 month experience?

"Within the past 10 months I learned that I am an open book to write more in each day. With each new lesson, I internally found myself grow and watched the page turn to new exciting lesson plans with my clients and students. The feedback I have received from my clients and students has been downpour of compliments and smiling faces. The in depth knowledge and education inward of the yoga philosophy has impacted my reactions to situations with a more in depth understanding of why things are the way they are and reactions from others may not be what we expected, as they may be going through there own battle inside. Having this aura and approach to use within my everyday bouts is an extreme undertaking and I am so at bliss to have taken on the challenge. Thank you."

"That i do have something to offer through Yoga Therapy, I may not have the designations that some have, but i can utilize the knowledge i have gained in the last 10 months and help folks find a bit of relief through self understanding."

"I learned to trust my own journey, and to see the value and worth that it can provide for me, and how it has and can continue to help me hold space for others’ healing journeys."

"That I have innate wisdom and knowledge. That learning in small groups and being interested in a subject gives me the confidence to use my voice, in a way that I haven't before. I felt really inspired and invigorated after each seminar- it allowed me to reconnect with the best parts of myself. That I have valuable insights and strengths that ought to be shared."

"I learned that getting clear about my intention-in a given situation and overall-can help me to approach everything in my life in a more effective, authentic, and thoughtful way-that intention has power."

"I learned about my impatience and how to expand compassion towards myself and others."

"I learned how well I can stay calm, clear & balanced in the middle of chaos, sadness and stress."

What did you learn most about the process of the entire yogic approach that you hope to share with students?

"The highlight of the process is the whole map out from September’s dusk till now. Now acknowledging our light that shines bright at the end of level one training. Everything has impacted me in someway or another. The philosophy , the way it was taught, how it was received and sharing it with the six other CYT’s. Learning from each other has been the most impactful part of the process and most helpful. I know not everyone will experience such patterns of enjoyment in a teacher training, I do know that from everything I learned and now tow in my tool box will only reflect in my teachings. My teaching in yoga class, with clients, with military members, their families, with friends, co- worker’s and my family. My drive is to give to others the knowledge they need to keep their mind and body full and vibrant throughout the daily movements of life."

"That everyone has the power to heal themselves in mind, body and spirit. it just takes bit of self discovery."

"I learned that we each have the ability to step back at each moment and see the truth of each experience and situation, and that this is a choice we each can make through active practicing of it. When we do this, our yogic way of life comes into action and we can release the suffering of attachment."

"That yoga therapy is about sitting and being with someone, truly listening, meeting them where they are and not trying to give advice, fix, change things for them but to give them tools to access their own inner knowledge."

"I learned that very small practices (a breath, a movement, a philosophical perspective) can dramatically shift someone’s state-that yoga doesn’t need to be a 90-minute asana flow in order to have a significant effect. I also gained a much deeper understanding of the kosha model and am finding that to be a powerful tool in talking with clients about self-care."

"INQUIRY! I love this process....."

"I love the Kosha model. I love to explore the energy and emotions behind thoughts and actions. I love the transformative process one can take with yoga - moving from fear to acceptance"


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