• Letting Go of Judgment
  • A Message of Hope from the Robin
  • The Power of Circles and Cycles
  • Being Illuminated
  • Stay
  • What is healthy spiritual energy?
  • Darkness is simply the absence of light
  • Do you steal the space to heal?
  • Letting Go of Judgment

    Letting go or ishvara pranidhana is part of Yoga’s 8 Fold Path for living, which recognizes that we don’t master these concepts, but rather, circle around to them again and again.

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  • A Message of Hope from the Robin

    This morning, amidst a bright sun and blue sky, a single Robin perched high in the oak tree singing a song of wisdom so meaningful to me that I knew exactly what I was to write about.

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  • The Power of Circles and Cycles

    Yoga’s most fundamental and useful teaching is the recognition that life is constantly changing, constantly cycling.

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  • Being Illuminated

    First, the eagle was facing East, toward the rising sun, a position of reverence to the Great Sun or Son of God. The East represents new beginnings, or even just a recommitment to our daily intentions.

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  • Stay "Upside Down"

    The nuthatch, also called the “upside down bird”, greeted me this morning, reminding me again to get out of my head and into my heart. It has been giving me this message since the New Year began.

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  • What is healthy spiritual energy?

    Yoga, as well as many spiritual traditions, recognizes that the body can not be separated from our energy, emotions, mind and spirit.

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  • Darkness is simply the absence of light

    Like most people, I feel uncomfortable with the dark side of humanity, because its seat is within me. It's manifestation occurs in my mind. This has become a central theme in my work with clients and yoga students this year.

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  • Do you steal the space to heal?

    My recent experience of feeling down resulted in a greater appreciation for the potential of darkness. Holding this space for myself was very uncomfortable, unbearable even, but there were a few things that guided me through.

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Our Body as a Sacred Temple

Course Cost: $45

Tantra Yoga: managing and harnessing our physical and energetic health and well-being.

In May's playlist, we are going to begin investigating how to create a personalized container, or routine, in which we can flourish and be our best selves. We will be discussing the second step in the 8 Fold Path of Yoga, the Niyamas (purity, contentment, discipline, self study, surrender), and specifically how yoga’s “observances” can be best activated and energized for a Shining Self!

May FLowers introMay Yoga Philosophy Program has the current tracks: (approx 2 hours)

  • Yoga Philosophy: (92 min)
    - Introduction  (7 min)
    - Our Body as a Sacred Temple (23 min)
    - Harmony with Rhythms of Life (20 min)
    - Timeless Wisdom for Daily Practice (25 min)
    - Harmonious Conversation (17 min)
  • Yoga Practices: (25 min)
    - Pranayama:: Nadi Shohana (6min)
    - Guided Relaxation in Nature (11 min)
    - Guided Meditation: Community with nature (8 min)
  • Nature Videos (6 min)
    -How to Protect your Sacredness
    -Salute to Friendship
Yoga teachers registered with the Yoga Alliance: This video set qualifies for 2 Yoga Alliance CEU’s, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive a certificate.


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Yoga Philosophy 101

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Bring Your Yoga to Life!

This program is for anyone interested in learning more about Yoga philosophy and how to incorporate it into their lives through Self awareness, positive thinking, healthy living, stress management, personal growth and empowerment.

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A treasure trove of yoga philosophy!

Our teachers, as well as our daily practice, serve to provide a "reminder" of what we already know in our hearts and souls to be true. The following writings reflect these reminders that we need practice and more practice, and a community that supports us in our path towards enlightenment.



Graduate Biographies

The training programs through the YogaLife Institute emphasize the "living of Yoga" and thereby bring personal transformation to those who are ready and willing. We believe that those individuals who live their Yoga make the best Yoga instructors.

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