• Being Illuminated
  • Stay
  • What is healthy spiritual energy?
  • Darkness is simply the absence of light
  • Do you steal the space to heal?
  • Nature's Message for Humanity
  • The Owl's Wisdom
  • Being Illuminated

    First, the eagle was facing East, toward the rising sun, a position of reverence to the Great Sun or Son of God. The East represents new beginnings, or even just a recommitment to our daily intentions.

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  • Stay "Upside Down"

    The nuthatch, also called the “upside down bird”, greeted me this morning, reminding me again to get out of my head and into my heart. It has been giving me this message since the New Year began.

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  • What is healthy spiritual energy?

    Yoga, as well as many spiritual traditions, recognizes that the body can not be separated from our energy, emotions, mind and spirit.

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  • Darkness is simply the absence of light

    Like most people, I feel uncomfortable with the dark side of humanity, because its seat is within me. It's manifestation occurs in my mind. This has become a central theme in my work with clients and yoga students this year.

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  • Do you steal the space to heal?

    My recent experience of feeling down resulted in a greater appreciation for the potential of darkness. Holding this space for myself was very uncomfortable, unbearable even, but there were a few things that guided me through.

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  • Nature's Message for Humanity

    On this morning's walk in the woods, I asked for a Message for Humanity. The Chipmunk came in quickly, presenting itself for the third time this week, in an unusual way.

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  • The Owl's Wisdom

    The Barred Owl spread its wings, lifting up from the ground to my left and landing on a tree branch directly in front of me. It rotated its head away, and then all the way back towards me, as though letting me know...

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Private sessions are an excellent way for an individual to learn yoga in a non-intimidating environment. Some take advantage of this to develop a personal home practice while others take these sessions to feel more comfortable in a regular weekly class. Others take Private Yoga Sessions to develop a deeper connection with yoga whether it’s through yoga poses, relaxation, breathing exercises, philosophy or meditation. In a group class the practices (poses / breathing exercises / relaxation / meditation) are all geared to the general group. In a private session there is an opportunity for sharing and feedback. Working individually allows the student to be proactive and a participant in exactly what they want to work on with full attention from the teacher.

New students who sign up for a private session do so for reasons such as:
  • Unsure of what will be expected in a yoga class
  • Unsure if you are physically capable of performing yoga poses
  • Feeling intimidated by a public classroom environment, which is common until the uncertainties are cleared
  • Have a physical limitation (back pain / healing injury / osteoporosis / arthritis / inflexibility)
  • Have fears, anxiety, depression or other perceived limitations
  • Want to learn more about the mind-body relationship
  • Are interested in learning more about breathing exercises
  • Are interested in learning more about relaxation exercise
  • Are interested in learning more about meditation
The benefits of private sessions for the experienced student:

As a student gains experience, things may begin to shift. Some poses are loved, others disliked, the poses that felt great at the start lose their effect and others take the spotlight. We are ever evolving and the one on one attention through a private session allows for further insight as to how yoga can be a positive influence in ones life. Some benefits include:

Deeper understanding of the mind-body relationship
  • A 'beginners mind' approach
  • To learn other avenues of experience including the body, energy, emotions, intellect and spirit
  • Deeper understanding of relaxation
  • Deeper understanding of Breathing exercises and how they may be used for different circumstances
  • Deeper understanding and mentorship with Mediation and help with determining which type is most suitable

Private yoga sessions are available by appointment.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or call 603-479-3865

for more information and/or to schedule.

One session: $75/hour (1-4 students)
Package of 4 one-hour sessions: $280

Please choose:

One session: $100/hour (5-8 students)
Package of 4 one-hour sessions: $380

Please choose:

Yoga Philosophy 101

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Bring Your Yoga to Life!

This program is for anyone interested in learning more about Yoga philosophy and how to incorporate it into their lives through Self awareness, positive thinking, healthy living, stress management, personal growth and empowerment.

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A treasure trove of yoga philosophy!

Our teachers, as well as our daily practice, serve to provide a "reminder" of what we already know in our hearts and souls to be true. The following writings reflect these reminders that we need practice and more practice, and a community that supports us in our path towards enlightenment.



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The training programs through the YogaLife Institute emphasize the "living of Yoga" and thereby bring personal transformation to those who are ready and willing. We believe that those individuals who live their Yoga make the best Yoga instructors.

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